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Project Summary

Down to Earth are planning to create an exciting new development at Salthouse Point at the end of the Crofty industrial estate. We are proposing to use the site for the manufacturing of low carbon timber frame panels to be used in the developments of energy efficient affordable housing, schools and hospitals using our unique approach to construction.

The Woodworks, Flagship Facility and Private Rental Startup Spaces

The scheme will be comprised of three developments. All will be built from natural materials (predominantly Welsh timber). Firstly, the main Woodworks manufacturing facility in which we will fabricate panels for houses. The houses will be built by and for vulnerable communities across Wales and whilst building them, these communities will benefit from improved employability skills, social skills and health and wellbeing outcomes. There will be a Flagship Facility space next to the manufacturing facility enabling us to provide appropriate support and training for these groups. Finally, there will be 4 x 90m2 private start-up spaces provided enabling new start-up businesses or small established operations an attractive and sustainable space to operate from.

Nature and Biodiversity

The site overlooks one of the most protected – and beautiful – landscapes for mud flat birds in the UK. The site borders the Burry Inlet SSSI and RAMSAR site, Carmarthen Bay Special Area of Conservation and the Gower Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We will be sensitive to the needs of these areas and ensure any site development not only respects the designations but offers opportunities to support and enhance them through our nature-centred design approach.

Through our approach we employ design ideas that incorporate spaces for nature such as using green roofs and using natural materials such as cob which can house insects such as solitary bees. Through our ecological surveys of this land, we have discovered a rare plant, Lobed Threadwort, that is only known in 2 places in Wales. We will ensure that the habitat for this plant is enhanced enabling it to survive and thrive expanding its area of colonisation. We will plant native trees along with creating an edible landscape of fruit trees that will provide food for people as well as nature.

Sustainable Construction principles

Following ultra efficient Passivhaus principles we will minimise the buildings’ ecological footprint. A fabric first approach to design where we construct walls, roofs and floors with massive insulation and airtight construction will result in ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for space heating or cooling.

All ground surfaces are to be permeable surfaces, these will ensure that all surface water is kept on site and not cause flood issue to our neigh bours or the environment. A new Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) will also provide a new natural habitat to help increase the sites biodiversity.

We will generate clean electricity on site to power our facilities and electric vehicles. All lighting will be low energy and external lighting kept to a minimum.

The layout of the proposal has been heavily influenced by the existing site topography. An extensive native planting regime is planned alongside the protection and environment enhancement of the existing Liverwort.

The site will become a destination for promoting Welsh commitment to a sustainable low carbon future.

Who is funding the project?

Down to Earth owns the land and has had a Peoples Postcode Lottery Social Investment Programme (PPLSIP) grant / loan to support the design stages through to planning application.

Further funding will be found for the construction phase.

What the development might look like

Proposed timeline of activity*

Confirmation of PPL SIP application
April 23
Commencement of design stage RIBA 1 - 3
May 23
Public consultation
April 24
Planning Application submission
May 24
Capital funding applications
June 24
Planning Application Approval
September 24
Investment/funding confirmation
December 24
Phased construction and occupation of site
January 25
Construction completed
January 27

*subject to funding

How to get involved?

Get in touch with us today. Call 01792 232 439 or email

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Community Consultation for
Woodworks @ Salthouse Point

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