Innovation in health care delivery

Clinical Research,
Learning & Well-being

Clinical Research, Learning & Well-being

In a nutshell, we merge innovation in health care delivery with innovation in education delivery – the result is a transformative approach to how we work with people (particularly the most vulnerable/disadvantaged) and delivers community-wide change.

Our clinical research has culminated in two papers being published in the “International Journal of Mental Health” including our flagship research with Swansea University into developing a new inclusive, emoji form of measuring depression and anxiety (published in May 2022). This piece of peer-reviewed research builds on previous research published two years ago which shows our approach is as effective as anti-depressants – and without the side effects. With a growing reputation and 17 year track record, Down to Earth is at the forefront of inclusive and outdoor health care delivery as well as “social prescribing”.

How we improve health and well-being

Imagine tackling depression and anxiety on an Early Intervention in Psychosis programme through young people being outdoors and building a house with natural materials on an accredited training programme. Or imagine people with traumatic brain injuries receiving neuro-rehabilitation through building homes with natural materials or sustainable woodland management. This is exactly how we work – doing meaningful, peer-based outdoor work which is carefully designed to have a rehabilitative impact.

Who we work with

We work with the health boards (NHS), statutory bodies and also charities.

We work with the following departments/units in the health boards and we are always interested in developing new partnerships.

  • Early Intervention in Psychosis

  • Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injury

  • Low secure mental health

  • Stroke

Clinical research:

Our approach is centred on an evidence based model which is peer reviewed and internationally published. With 4 separate clinical studies and a number of journal publications, our reputation is growing for clinical rigour.

An inclusive approach to clinical research

Our approach is centred on tackling inequality so it makes sense our research methods are fully inclusive. Over the last 6 years we have developed a new form of inclusive monitoring which enables people with poor literacy/numeracy levels to measure their depression and anxiety levels. Peer-reviewed and published in May 2022, this emoji method can replace the PHQ format which is commonly used internationally. We believe inclusive practice needs to be embedded in clinical research to prevent further exclusion of vulnerable groups.

To find out more about this measure and how we’ll be disseminating it, please get in touch.

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Accredited Learning

Down to Earth is an Approved Agored Cymru centre which means we can offer accredited outcomes to all our participants.

  • Almost all of our programmes offer full or part qualifications

  • We offer full or part qualifications as well as stand-alone units.

  • We have created workbooks which require the minimum writing as most of our evidence is based on photographs.

As a result, our accredited programmes are very accessible and with a wide range of units in our portfolio, we can normally let the group of participants choose the unit they want accreditation in.

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