Down to Earth believes that being outdoors doing hands-on, meaningful and gentle on the environment activities is transformative – for both the people we work with and the land.

Murton Site

Murton is our four-acre site which has transformed over the past ten years. Our cutting edge buildings blend contemporary, sustainable and traditional construction, showcasing the potential of ‘disadvantaged’ and ‘hard to reach’ groups that have helped create sustainable buildings in a beautiful environment.

Murton has 100% renewable electricity, heating and hot water from our own site and, most recently, Gower’s first 50kw EV charge point! Our giant tipi is available for workshops and events and our locally sourced timber frame buildings include our remarkable training centre. We also have seasonal rare breed pigs!

To find out more about Murton's buildings, go to Murton Site Buildings.

Little Bryn Gwyn

Around 8 miles from Murton, our 6-acre Little Bryngwyn site is a partnership project with Valley Kids. With jaw dropping sustainable architecture built by vulnerable and ‘hard to reach’ groups, Little Bryngwyn has a range of buildings including straw baled wall and clay walled plaster structures.

To find out more about Little Bryn Gwyn’s buildings, go to Little Bryn Gwyn Site Buildings.