why shouldn’t health care & education be delivered through building homes?

We create spectacular buildings fit for future – buildings which tackle inequality and social exclusion through how they are built and how they impact people and the wider environment in their use.

By putting vulnerable communities at the very centre of building their own affordable/social housing, we deliver clinically-valid health care as well as tackling poverty through the medium of building houses fit for the future.  Our houses are built with natural, local materials (For the first time, roof trusses have been manufactured from Welsh timber), and are “homes as power stations” – they generate more electricity than they consume.

Our houses will enhance the life chances of communities through both their construction and occupancy by being fully natural, breatheable and non-toxic. It’s time to deliver the Future Generations Act with boldness & vision.

First scheme – Pennard site with Coastal Housing Group

Funded through the Welsh Government Innovative Housing Programme (IHP), this is our first step into applying our approach to the housing sector. Entirely built out of Welsh timber and using natural insulation, we are building 6 semi-detached 2 bedroom houses for Coastal Housing Group. Starting on site in early Autumn 2020, we’ll be finished by the summer of 2021 showcasing our approach is viable and scalable.  Exciting times!