What is this project about?

Moving Forwards is our new National Lottery Community Funded project for asylum seekers & refugees. This project delivers English language tuition through practical outdoor activity with a strong emphasis on improving mental health & well-being. The project is completely free to attend and includes transport provision.

Who is this project for?

Moving Forwards is open to all asylum seekers & refugees. From listening to the stories of previous participants we know that many people coming to the UK have faced significant hardships and great danger – both in their home country and on their journeys. Many people have left their families behind and are suffering with depression, anxiety, & trauma. This project will provide a warm, welcoming environment focused on the needs of individuals, where people can meet new people, make friends, and start to build their conversational skills so that future relationships are easier to start. We welcome everyone from the asylum seeker & refugee community to Down to Earth.

Why did we develop this project?

Down to Earth has worked with asylum seekers and refugees for several years, and during this time we’ve seen that most people are struggling with the same few problems:

  • Mental Health. Asylum seekers are 5 times more likely than the general population to suffer with poor mental health. War trauma is an obvious cause, but the conditions people face having reached their destination continue to make them vulnerable. Lack of employment, detention, poverty & poor housing are all factors.
  • Language Skills. Not being able to communicate effectively has a huge impact on asylum seekers. Not being able to build new friendships contributes to loneliness, and causes anxiety during day-to-day tasks like visiting the shops. Unfortunately, there are very few accredited English Language classes available, so opportunities to learn English are limited.
  • Access to Transport. Asylum seekers live on £5.40 a day. An adult bus ticket in the Swansea area costs £4.70 so even the cheapest forms of transport aren’t possible. The obvious outcome is that even if language classes are available, many people can’t access them because of distance.


Until April 2022


10:30 AM – 2:30 PM


You’ll be based at a Down to Earth venue in Swasea.


What do I need?

Not a lot!

  • The National Lottery Community Fund has funded two amazing electric minibuses which allows us to collect participants from a variety of locations in Swansea.
  • We’ll provide vegetarian meals for people
  • Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, and that you don’t mind getting dirty. You’ll be outside quite a lot, so dress for the weather! If you don’t have waterproofs don’t worry, we have plenty you can use

Who is funding this project?

Moving Forwards is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. The National Lottery Community Fund is a non-departmental public body responsible for awarding National Lottery funding for community based projects.

How to get involved, more information & publicity

If you want to have a chat, organise coming to see us, or to get more information, get in touch with Jon using our contact page.

If you’d like some publicity materials to show people, please download our flyer