These beautiful cob courtyards are genuinely designed and built by the young people and adults who use them!


Using only locally sourced and sustainable/natural building methods, this remarkable, participant-led approach results not only in buildings that are stunning and eco-friendly, but also transforms the participants’ understanding of learning – it’s a win-win: participants gain accredited outcomes through an inclusive and engaging programme and the organisation/school/community group end up with a beautiful and inspiring building to further develop outdoor learning

What we can offer

We offer a full package including:

  • Consultation and design with the participants and other stakeholders
  • Planning application
  • CDM2015 compliant commercial construction processes
  • Fully inclusive construction process for participants with accredited outcomes

Building materials

We only build with natural materials to ensure we offer an inclusive and safe construction environment, and a beautiful end product!

  • Cob (earth)
  • Round pole timber
  • Local stone for dry stone walling
  • Straw bales
  • Natural renders, plasters and paints

Why Cob?

Cob has a long history in the UK and is stunning material to work with. From seating areas to earth ovens, from outdoor classrooms to 2 storey houses, cob is a versatile and highly robust construction material.

It is also very eco-friendly as it’s non-toxic and “breathable” – so it’s safe to build with and be in – and it’s locally sourced and fully biodegradable. Cob is also very sculptural and any one can build with it!

And finally, cob is fire proof so it’s perfect for oven/fireplaces and places where fires might be a concern.