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Training Centre Green roof system

By 1st October 2014July 8th, 2015Eco Building, Projects

Our new training centre is an interesting mix of cutting edge and traditional building practice, with the emphasis always on sustainability. The roof system is a great example of this. The roof structure is made from larch sourced within the UK, and like many of Down to Earth’s buildings, will feature a turf roof. Turf roofs are great because:

  • They blend into the landscape
  • Provide habitat for wildlife
  • Provide good insulation for buildings
  • Slow down the release of water helping to prevent flooding in heavy rainfall.

In order to increase the thermal efficiency of our building, we’re using a roofing system made up of multiple layers; the installation process goes like this:

  • The roof timbers are dried using a blowtorch, and fast-drying primer is painted on
  • A felt vapour control layer (VCL) is torch-bonded onto the primed roof timber.
  • 160mm rigid insulation boards are cut to fit, and then bonded to the VCL
  • A second felt layer is bonded to the insulation boards
  • A final impermeable membrane is bonded onto this felt layer